Alumawood Insulated Patio Covers


The alumawood patio covers come in multiple differecnt colors

Sonra Beige


Desert Sand


Mojave tan


Spanish Brown

See How Much Cooler Alumawood is Than Tile

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Recessed Lighting with Lightstrips.

Add recessed lighting to your patio cover by addilng Lightstrips.


Is there a warranty for Alumawood?
You bet. Amerimax warrants that its Alumawood Lattice, Patio Cover, Carport, and Awning products manufactured by Amerimax will not split, and the finish will not chip, peel, flake or blister under conditions of normal wear for the life of the original retail purchaser. This warranty is TRANSFERABLE by the original retail purchaser to a subsequent owner of the product during the first ten (10) years of warranty coverage.
Will Alumawood Rot?
Resists Dry-rot
How long does it take to install a patio cover>
number three
Is it easily damaged?
very durable
Are Alumawood covers a cheaper patio cover?
Alumawood is cheaper than wood. in some cases Alumawood is up to 100% less.
Can I install a ceiling fan into this cover?
Yes you can. Alumawood insulated covers come

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Alumawood Insulated Patio Cover

You’ve probably looked at your backyard and thought, “I’d like to do more outdoor living, but it’s just too hot.” It’s an all too common refrain in Southern California locales like Simi Valley. The sun and heat combo is often enough to make people worry about issues like heat exhaustion. There’s a solution to your problem. It’s an Alumawood aluminum insulated patio cover.

Of course, you’re wondering what makes an Alumawood patio cover such a great choice. Wouldn’t some other material, like wood, do just as well? As it turns out, not so much. Wood is great stuff. It casts plenty of shade went it’s installed right. It’s a renewable resource and it looks nice. 

Alumawood Aluminum Patio Covers are built to last

Unfortunately, keeping it in one piece in SoCal is a mighty chore. Unless you are absolutely devoted to ongoing maintenance, it’ll start to fade, dry rot, crack and warp. Let’s not forget about the termites or the fact that the patio cover is attached to your home. Once termites get into your house, it’s expensive to get rid of them. It also permanently damages your property value. 

Alumawood doesn’t suffer from any of those problems. It’s durable and scratch resistant. It comes standard with wood grain embossing, so you get to hang onto that wood look. The real reason you want a Simi Valley Alumawood insulated patio cover is the high-density thermal foam. 

Alumawood Structural Foam

The roof panels of your Simi Valley Alumawood insulated patio cover are filled with it. In fact, this foam makes your patio cover roof stronger. Even more importantly, it actually shields you from some of the heat. Most materials soak up the heat from the solar radiation and it’s just as hot underneath them. The temperatures beneath an Alumawood aluminum insulated patio cover are measurably cooler under the summer sun. 

That alone makes it a no-brainer decision for some people, but there are still a couple surprises left. If you’re more into entertaining friends during the evening, Alumawood patio covers can solve your lighting problems. No more extension cords or putting up Christmas lights to try and see. You can get recessed lighting designed for your patio cover as part of the installation. Your patio cover even comes with its own gutter. 

An Alumawood insulated patio cover is a win on lots of fronts. You avoid the problems that wood always has in the long term. The thermal foam actually makes it cooler under your patio cover. You can get lighting build right into it. No fuss and no jury-rigged lighting solutions. If you’re ready to expand your outdoor living, you’re ready for Alumawood.