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Los Angeles Pergolas and patio covers

The 4K aluminum patio cover and pergola manufacturer is a relatively new company. That said, however, their product is not. Enter the next generation of aluminum patio covers and pergolas. With the market flooded with so many different aluminum patio cover manufacturers, how’s it possible there can be yet another one? Well, my friends, this is not like any other aluminum patio cover or pergola product you’ve seen.

Los Angeles Pergolas and patio covers

From the finish to the material itself, the 4K aluminum patio cover is a superior product. For starters, the 4K aluminum is offered in two different thicknesses. With other aluminum manufacturers, their thickest material is still, not nearly as thick as 4Ks thinnest material. A thicker aluminum alloy is a stronger alloy. Not to mention, the 4K material is 6160 T6 aluminum allow. That’s the same material used to build airplanes. So you. know it has to be strong.

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Not just paint… Powder Coated

As for the 4K patio covers finish, it’s a powder coat product applied to a treated surface. In other words, the aluminum isn’t just sprayed on and baked. Before the aluminum ever sees paint its treated with a Gold chromate plating process.

Benefits of Chromate Conversion:

  • Helps prevent corrosion
  • Retains the conductive properties of aluminum.
  • Good basis for paint

Color Selection

  • Los Angeles Pergolas and patio covers
  • Los Angeles Pergolas and patio covers
  • Los Angeles Pergolas and patio covers
  • Los Angeles Pergolas and patio covers

Not only is this process used on all their products, but it’s also a staple. 4K aluminum patio cover understands that their finish is all that’s protecting their aluminum products. therefore, 4K works to ensure you have protection for up to 20 years. According to Jotun, the manufacturers of the powder coat materials, their finishes are very durable. As a matter of fact, they’re more than durable. They are almost bulletproof.

  • Chemical resistant
  • Heat resistant
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Impact-resistant
  • Scratch and mar resistant
  • Humidity resistant

4K aluminum patio cover: Roll Forming vs. Extrusion

When we’re speaking on the subject of durability and strength, let’s not forget the actual product itself. In the world of patio covers and pergolas framework, there are really two choices for manufacturing.

  • Roll Forming
  • Extrusion

The roll forming process uses “rolls” to the manufacturer or fabricate the aluminum metal. With roll forming, the aluminum passes through these rolls a few times while on its way to its desired shape. Typically, the roll forming process is a much faster process. Not only is roll forming a faster process, but it also uses less material. Thus making it a more affordable product for larger projects. Furthermore, the roll forming dies can be very difficult to set up and therefore more expensive.

4K aluminum vs Alumawood in material thickness

Los Angeles Patio Covers

On the other hand, the extrusion process is in a nutshell, the process of pushing metal through a die or mold. Many agree that the extrusion process yields a material with much greater strength than that of the rolled formed material. Mostly because the extruded metal came from a single piece of an aluminum block. As opposed to a sheet of aluminum, bent to form.

Stronger means longer spans

Los Angeles Pergolas and patio covers The first thing to keep in mind about the relationship between extrusion and strength is spans. Even though companies like Alumawood have maximum spans of 8-10 feet between posts, the 4K company has a maximum span of 20 feet. Therefore, what that means to you is fewer posts to block your view. Despite the fact that other aluminum patio cover companies allow the addition of steel beam inserts into their header for longer spans, in contrast, 4K does not need them.

Of course, if you really get down to it… the 4K patio cover can actually span over 25 feet if you include the overhang on either side of the Pergola. Albeit, its only the shade bars hanging over. Nevertheless, its still an additional area you wouldn’t otherwise have received from one of those other companies.

Laser cut Soleil panles

In Los Angeles, the 4K aluminum patio cover is the only company that marries a seamless aluminum pergola frame to beautifully crafted Soleil panels. These laser-etched panels come in two sizes, 3′ x 5′ and 5′ x 10′. These panels can fit on any patio cover or pergola imaginable. In addition to using these Soleil panels on pergolas, they can also be used as wall or yard art.
Los Angeles patio cover contractors Patiocovered offers up to 6 different patterns. These Soleil panels can be custom powder-coated to match any of our patio covers and even your personal home systems.
  • Los Angeles Pergolas and patio covers
  • Los Angeles Pergolas and patio covers
  • Los Angeles Pergolas and patio covers
  • Los Angeles Pergolas and patio covers
  • Los Angeles Pergolas and patio covers
  • Los Angeles Pergolas and patio covers
Los Angeles patio cover contractors

All Los Angeles patio cover contractors are not created equal

It’s no secret that contractors have a history of being tardy, messy, rude, unethical, slow to measure up to their promises and I’m sure I left out a few…
Likewise, I bet even you have a story or at least know of someone here in Los Angeles who’s dealt with a contractor that was difficult to work with. Well, truth be told, we’re not huge fans of contractors ourselves and even as General contractors, we have to deal with some of the same issues that you do.

Well, good news people. We’re nothing like other contractors. Sure…, that easy to say, right? I bet there are a lot of contractors who make this claim, but truly, we are. I think the reason we feel as if we’re a rung higher than most, has mostly to do with empathy.
How so? Well, for starters, we just like you are consumers. Much to many people’s dismay, we actually hire contractors to work on our own home. And, when doing so we have to deal with the same issues as many people do. We too, call at least three companies.

What we focus on, however, is the people themselves. Do they answer the phone every time? Are your questions answered completely and thoroughly? Who are the owners and who are the workers and are the guys clean and friendly? Do they actually care about us, and our home and not just our money?

When I referenced empathy as being our number one attribute, it derives from having the same headaches you might looking for a good company. What we did, was take these experiences and apply them to our own business. Treat the client exactly as we’d like to be treated if we were you. It seems to be working out pretty well so far…

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