We Sell Patio Covers in Simi Valley

First of all, is an Aluminum, Alumawood specialists. We build patio covers Simi Valley, period. Patio covered is founded on the principles of customer first, at all costs. 
Because all we build are patio covers, our team is specifically trained in the various installation methods and techniques which follow the installation of these wood or Alumawood systems.

We only specialize in patio covers and decks we are able to offer exceptional products at affordable pricing. Whether you are considering an Alumawood Aluminum patio cover or a traditional wooden patio cover or deck, we have you covered…Literally. We’re not a huge monster company like some of the other outfits you may find down south. is a small outfit with a team of only 5 guys doing the installations.

We like to keep our patio covers Simi Valley company small and personable. Our team of professionals installs only patio covers every day. Therefore, they are extremely good at what they do. 

Alumawood Aluminum Patio covers in Simi valley

The Alumawood patio cover brand is one of the most established suppliers of this Aluminum patio cover product. Alumawood in Simi valley is unmatched in their craftsmanship as well as their guarantee to our clients.
Aluminum Alumawood patio covers in Simi valley are a fantastic way to install a material that will be there a while and not succumb to the harsh environment which Simi Valley has to offer. 

Alumawood Patio covers Over Wood patio covers in Simi Valley?

Simi valley patio covers Wood is a beautiful timeless product. The disadvantage of this product is that it requires regular upkeep. And with the harsh environment of Simi valley, wood patio covers get the brunt of this aggressive climate. Patio covers in Ventura County must be made to withstand the elements which are how come the Alumawood aluminum patio covers in Simi Valley are such a great idea.

Costs of patio covers in Simi Valley

The cost of an Alumawood aluminum patio cover is much less than that of wood. This article here, will go into the different ways the two materials are priced. it should be noted, however, that the two materials are significantly different. Because of this, the pricing can almost be doubled.
Wood is a material which, due to the nature of the product and take into account that one must purchase the FOHC wood which is better quality, it is more expensive than Aluminum Alumawood.





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