Alumawood Lattice Patio Cover


The alumawood patio covers come in multiple differecnt colors

Sonra Beige

Spanish Brown



Mojave Tan


Desert Sand

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Alumawood Patio cover shade structures are constructed from structural grade aluminum alloys. The alumawood patio cover members are sturdy and strong with aluminum thicknesses ranging from .024 all the way to a stiff .040 thickness. The beams of the alumawood patio covers are an .040 and the rafters can range from .024 to .040 as can the post covers. To put this into perspective, a dime measure roughly .053 in thickness.


Is there a warranty for Alumawood?
You bet. Amerimax warrants that its Alumawood Lattice, Patio Cover, Carport, and Awning products manufactured by Amerimax will not split, and the finish will not chip, peel, flake or blister under conditions of normal wear for the life of the original retail purchaser. This warranty is TRANSFERABLE by the original retail purchaser to a subsequent owner of the product during the first ten (10) years of warranty coverage.
Will Alumawood Rot?
The Alumawood patio cover is made from high grade structural aluminum which will never rust. The finish will not peel, split or deteriorate.
How long does it take to install a patio cover.
A typical 12x15 Alumawood shade bar structure should take 2 days to install and complete.
Is the Alumawood cover easily damaged?
The Alumawood structure can be easily damaged under the right conditions. I mean, the structure is made of aluminum and when you compare the .024 to the .040, the .040 is considerably more stiff and therefore less likely to become damaged due to impact.
Does the Alumawood shade bar structure come in all of the 7 colors.
Yes the shade bar system comes in all 7 colors.
Are building permits required?
Although we cannot force anyone to obtain building permits, building permits are always suggested. The Alumawood structure is engineered for multiple different installation methods and conforms to the 2012 California Building Code.
Is Alumawood cheaper than wood?
Yes it is. In some cases up to 100% more.
Can you install a ceiling fan on the lattice cover?
Unfortunately, Alumawood has no provisions for ceiling fans or attachments on these covers.

Alumawood Aluminum Lattice Patio Covers Simi Valley

The SoCal sunshine is no joke and Simi Valley sees its fair share of sunshine. While it might beat the Minnesota winter or hurricane season in Florida, sometimes you need a little break from it. If you still want to spend time outside, that means making your own shade. Some of the best options to make that happen are Alumawood aluminum patio covers. 

You’re probably thinking, “Hey! What about wood?” 

Wood is a time-honored material for building, but it’s not the best option for sun-drenched locales like Simi Valley. Unless you’re religious about maintenance, wood suffers from dry rot, fading, cracking, and insect infestations. Once your patio cover gets termites, it’s a really short step for them to find their way into the structure of your home or office. 

Alumawood Patio covers

When you go with Alumawood aluminum patio covers Simi Valley Ca, you’re basically acting in self-defense of your property. They need almost nothing from you. You don’t need to paint, stain or seal them. They don’t attract termites. You don’t need to worry about them peeling or warping. Plus, Alumawood lattice shade structures come with a wood texture on their surface. You get the look without the worry.

Here’s the best part about Alumawood aluminum patio covers Simi Valley Ca. They’re cheaper than their wooden counterparts. Depending on the exact options you choose, you could save as much as 50% on materials and installation. As icing on the cake, the installation process is almost always faster than a traditional wooden patio cover. 

If you want to take things up a notch, visit the Alumawood Solid covers. You can even get a lighting system installed. This isn’t some lighting system they rig into place with duct tape, twine and a prayer. These are recessed lights designed to work with Alumawood aluminum patio covers. That means they won’t compromise the integrity of the patio cover. They’ll probably last longer than the alternatives, too. 

When it’s time to start creating some shade at your Simi Valley home or office, Alumawood Lattice shade structures are the way to go. They cost less compared to wood. You get better weather resistance in the long-term. Insects won’t attack them or your building. You can even get a lighting system installed. That can improve safety near a business or make your patio a center for entertaining. It’s a better deal all the way around.