4K Aluminum Patio Covers and Pergolas in Los Angeles

Introducing the 4K aluminum patio cover line. New to 2020, the 4k line consists of a streamline, smooth durably finished aluminum patio cover/pergola system. Unlike other aluminum patio cover and pergola manufacturers, the 4K aluminum line is made of highly durable aluminum, 6061. Whereas the other companies use a much less durable aluminum alloy. Of course, the 4K company didn’t just stop there. Even the finish is superior. Utilizing a pre-prepped aluminum surfacing material called Gold chromate plating, which protects the aluminum even from the side where its never seen.

New to the Los Angeles area are patio covers with decorative Laser cut Soleil panels. These panels come in sizes ranging from 3’x5’ and 5’x10’. At full length, these panels are long enough to provide shade from the front to the back of your patio cover. Ask about these amazing panels and how they can make your home more beautiful.

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Alumawood Patio Covers and Pergolas

Alumawood aluminum patio covers once thought to be simply a fad, has quickly taken over the patio cover and pergola market here in Los Angeles. It’s my opinion that these aluminum patio covers are so popular because the material never rots, deteriorates or needs maintenance. In fact, the alumawood patio covers are sort of a “set-it-and-forget-it” type system. No matter which style you purchase, and there are a few, you’re sure to get a pergola which will last forever.

Alumawood comes in insulated and non-insulated covered types. No matter which type of roofing system you choose, both are a fantastic way to cool off the interior of your home while allowing more room for entertainment. The insulated patio cover has an “R” rating of over 13R. What does this mean to you? Cooler temperatures under the cover while you and your friends are hanging out.

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Wood Patio Covers and Pergolas

Here in Los Angeles there patio covers and pergolas usually fall into two categories. Wood and aluminum. Well…, there are others like vinyl and steel, but really, these two materials (wood and Aluminum) dominate the market. Of these two patio covers options, wood seems to be the go-to material for those who want that big, beefy look in their pergola or patio cover. Unlike aluminum, wood can be produced in larger dimensions whereas aluminum cannot. Still, the wood patio cover despite its need for continuous maintenance is very popular.

When we think of wood, there are a couple of areas that everyone needs to be aware of. The first is that the material will eventually turn to dust. And the second is that you’ll need to paint it on a regular, to keep it from turning into dust. Compared to aluminum which is trouble-free and maintenance-free, wood is not.

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Patio Cover and Pergola Repairs

California has some of the most beautiful weather in all of the United States, Los Angeles especially. Not only is the weather good enough to to keep you tan year round, it’s also nice enough that you can enjoy your back yard year round.  Within some areas of Los Angeles, however, the temperatures can really soar.  In order to maximize your rear yards capabilities as a true outdoor entertainment area, a patio cover is needed. Not just any patio cover but rather, Aluminum patio covers in Los Angeles.

Traditionally, when we think of patio covers the first thing that comes to mind, is wood. Introducing Aluminum. Of course we at patiocovered build both types of patio covers, the latest trend in patio covers even in multi-million dollar properties is Aluminum Patio Covers in Los Angeles. Despite the fact that the material in appearance resembles real genuine wood, its makes up over 80% of our product line.

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Patio Covers Make your Home Pretty

Anytime you add a significant improvement to your home you’re adding value. Take a room addition for example, the added square feet will add more square footage to the house and thus add value. As for patio covers, they add pretty. Yes, not only do you the homeowner get the added benefit of value you also as a bonus, get to ad pretty.

What’s important to realize is, patio covers are an object that many will literally sit around and stare at. It’s just what you do while hanging out in the back yard or entertaining. Thus, the cover will be gawked at for hours and by many. So why not make it well…, pretty.

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Patio Covers and Pergolas in Simi Valley

Patiocovered Simi Valley is who we are

Patiocovered Simi Valley is a full-service construction company specializing in backyard living. Not just a catchphrase, we live this stuff. Whether you have a need for shade, need to remodel an existing patio cover in Simi Valley, we absolutely have you covered. Not only do we offer new patio covers such as Wood, Alumawood, 4K pergolas we also perform patio cover repairs.

Alumawood Aluminum patio covers in Simi Valley

Looking for shade at an extremely affordable price? Tired of having to kill yourself every other year painting that old wooden pile of sticks barely holding together in the back yard?  Unless you are a glutton for punishment or you like painting in 100-degree heat, you may want to look at our Alumawood line. Alumawood is an amazing replacement for existing wooden patio covers. Alumawood does not rot, chip, peel, turn yellow, or ever need painting. Above all… did I mention that it’s affordable? Wow, what more can you ask for?

We Sell Three Different Types of Alumawood Patio Covers

  • We sell the Aluminum Lattice
  • Take a look at the Aluminum Insulated roofed patio covers
  • See the Newport, Aluminum non-insulated roofed patio covers

Hearth 700x110

Wood patio covers right here in Simi Valley…

We have wood patio covers in Simi Valley. We all know wood patio covers are beautiful and timeless works of art. Nothing short of elegant. On the other hand, these beautiful works of wooden art come with a price tag, which by-the-way is significantly more than aluminum.

After all, there are benefits that wood offers that Aluminum patio covers in Simi Valley can never match. Such as size. Therefore, wood patio covers can be built with wood which dimensionally can be as large as you can design. In contrast, aluminum is pre-engineered and therefore only comes in predetermined sizes, such as 2×6, 3×3, 3×8 and so on. As a result, Alumawood is therefore limited.

4K Pergolas in Los Angeles

Patio Covered now offers the 4K aluminum pergola line for 2020. 4K is not just another aluminum pergola manufacturer, they offer a truly high-end product. In addition to getting heavier gauge aluminum material, the powder-coat finish cannot be matched. Furthermore, the 4k system offers Laser-cut Soleil panels to block the sun and beautify your living space.

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