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1Are newport patio covers noisy when it rains.
This question gets asked the most. Although subjective, the simple answer is yes. The Newport cover is an uninsulated cover and as a result is subject to more noise as a result of rain or hail.
2Does the Newport patio cover offer lights?
Yes. Lightstrips are available for the Newport patio cover.
3Are ceiling fans an option for the Newport patio cover?
You bet. Ceiling fans can be installed in the Newport patio covers and look nice!
4Are Newport patio covers available in all the same 7 colors?
5Do these patio covers require a slope?
yes the roof on the Newport patio cover requires a 1/4" per foot slope.

Alumawood Aluminum Newport Patio Cover Simi Valley

While we might often revel in the sunlight here in Southern California, the sun is also a harsh master. That’s never truer than when the high heat of summer rolls around. It’s enough to make you hide indoors for months on end. Given the natural beauty of the area and the need to let kids burn off some energy, that’s not ideal. What you need is some shade at a reasonable price. The Alumawood aluminum Newport patio cover is a great way to get it.

It’s affordable

Patio covers simi valley alumawoodSo what makes it a great solution? For starters, it costs a lot less than the alternatives. It generally rolls in at around 40% cheaper than a wooden patio cover. What about vinyl? Still cheaper. An Alumawood aluminum Newport patio cover Simi Valley runs anywhere from 30% to 40% less than vinyl. Price isn’t everything, but it’s hard to argue with savings like that.

It’s also a customizable solution for your shade needs. An Alumawood patio cover can be adapted to work with nearly any home design. Whether you want a basic rectangular patio cover in your backyard or an L-shaped wraparound, it’s not a problem. 

Even better, installation is almost always faster than the alternatives. Wooden patio covers need a great deal of custom cutting on site before and during installation. Alumawood uses a system to minimize installation time. When you choose an Alumawood aluminum Newport patio cover Simi Valley, you’re choosing less disruption to your life. 

Alumawood Aluminum over wood

Alumawood patio covers simi valleyThere are also a lot of benefits to choosing aluminum over wood. While beautiful, wood is very maintenance-intensive. You’ll minimally need to stain and seal every year or two to protect it from the weather, and that’s not a guarantee. Even with rigorous maintenance, it can still dry rot, get scratched or checked, and fall prey to termites. Once the termites get into the wood, it usually takes a professional to kill them, which can prove expensive. 

Alumawood patio covers arrive painted and you don’t have to repaint them. The paint holds its color well, even under the brutal California sun. It’s highly scratch-resistant and won’t rot. You’ll never need to call an exterminator for your patio cover because termites won’t even look at it. 

You can even get some very useful accessories for your patio cover. Ever wish there was a better patio lighting option? You can get light strips installed as part of the package. Annoyed by the lack of moving air in your backyard? Fans are an option. You can even opt to snag gutters for your new patio cover.

An Alumawood aluminum Newport patio cover is a great solution for your shade needs. The Newport costs substantially less than the other choices. It can be easily customized to work with your home design and it protects you from nearly all the pitfalls of a wooden patio cover. Plus, you get accessories like lights and fans that were designed to work with your new patio cover. If you’ve been on the fence about a patio cover, it’s time to look at Alumawood.