Fransisco knows construction and is a perfectionist. Having worked with some of the largest General Contractors in Los Angels, there isn's a single area of construction that he does not know. As an amazing framer he's capable of building an entire house single handedly. Fransisco is the glue which holds our team together and as a crew leader is capable of inspiring all the guys to produce nothing short of perfection.
Crew Leader


Steve is one of the newest members of the patiocovered team but certainly not new to hard work. This aspiring Stock trader, is no stranger to hard work. Steve is usually the first to show and the last to leave any job. You'll know him by his huge smile and pleasant demeanor. Steve is our go to guy for installing any of the Alumawood systems. With an in-depth understanding of this manufacturer he can handle this material with the best of them. As a matter of fact, I'd say he's capable of building an entire cover all by himself.
Patio covers / Landscape


Hailing from a landscaping background, Angel is as meticulous as they come. With an eye for style, and an understanding of irrigation, landscape drainage, multiple species of plants and trees is a valuable asset when we tackle any landscape or hardscape project. Angel is also an amazing framer and works as a regular on all of the Alumawood as well as the wooden patio cover systems.
Patio Covers / Landscape


Lupe has been with our company since it's conception. When it comes to concrete or any type or finish, stucco, brick, block, pavers you name it... no one does it better. Which is why he works for us. Lupe runs rings around some of the young whipper snappers laying block, framing, and finishing concrete. Lupe has no issue with speaking his mind on a job site and offering his experieince in an effort to make each project as best and perfect as it can be. Lupe is also our master Alumawood and wood patio cover builder. Don't try to one-up Lupe... it just wont happen. Ive tried.
Patio Covers / Concrete




The buck stops here. General contractor in both California and Arizona Marc has been in construction of some type most of his life. Starting as a boy hanging out at his dad's construction sites which moved them over 6 states throughout the east and west coasts before settling here only to partner with his brothers in one of the largest public works specialty construction companies in Southern California. If you asked Marc where his future goals or aspirations are he'll tell you simply, right here brother. "we don't do bathrooms... we don't do kitchens... we don't do handyman stuff... we build patio covers we build decks and provide outdoor living space... that's it".
Marketing / Estimates / Production




Actually, the buck stops here before it stops up there. Michelle is as hands on as it gets. Whether it's bringing materials to the guys, going on estimates or just checking progress she's literally the glue which holds this company together. There isn't anyone who cares more about the client, the project and the guys than this lady here. And don't let the fact that he's a female fool you... she knows more about building houses, installing swimming pools and running a crew than any person I know.
Estimating / Material Orders / CSR