Los Angeles patio cover repairs

Patiocovered performs repairs to wood or aluminum patio covers and decks.

Many of us who have patio covers don’t realize that maintenance is oftentimes a necessary evil. This has never been truer than when we’re speaking about wood patio covers. Typically, wooden patio covers have a lifespan of about 30 years. Well, actually it’s likely a little less, but traditionally we’re called out to the scene when the cover is about ready to fall on someone. And, when we ask how old the covers are, the age usually hovers around 30 years.

In contrast, Alumawood or aluminum patio covers seen to stand the test of time. As a matter of fact, we’re never called out to replace pieces of these covers unless there s some sort of blunt forced damage. In this case, replacement parts are a few days away.

Wood Patio Cover and Deck Repairs Simi Valleys

Los Angeles patio cover repairs
I bet you thought that wood patio cover would last forever, didn’t you? That 30-year-old wood structure situated just outside your back door just waiting to collapse. Fortunately for you, you have us.
We perform wood patio cover repairs throughout Los Angeles including the Simi Valley. As a matter of fact, we repair all types of wooden patio cover structures and including wood decks. So whether the issue is simple dry-rot, paint deterioration or wholesale replacement, we have you covered. Literally.

Most people who have old wood patio covers or decks which are in a serious state of disrepair, understand that wholesale replacement is likely, their only option. In this case, Alumawood may be a viable option. The Alumawood product repairs zero maintenance and lasts forever because it’s a 100% all-aluminum product.

Within the Alumawood family, there are three options.

Patio cover repairs for houses in escrow

Patio cover repairs for houses in escrow

If you’re in escrow and need to have termite repairs that need to be done ASAP in order to close your deal, call us. We’re all about helping close that deal and help move your life forward. Whether you’re in need of a beam replacement, replacement of posts, plant-ons, new structural straps or lattice bars there is no job too small. Understand that in many cases, wood rot and deterioration are not always localized. In most cases, damaged wood is not usually isolated to just one member.

Building permits

Sometimes, building permits are required to replace certain members. In fact, the majority of the time a beam or posts are being replaced, building permits are necessary. in which case, we can handle that too. Our staff can pull the permit for the project, meet the inspectors and get your repair “finaled” and in the books.

Los Angeles patio cover repairs

Aluminum Patio Cover Repairs Simi Valley

Aluminum patio covers are for the most part, maintenance-free. That being said, occasionally, there is a need to have repairs performed. I mean, how many times as a kid did you use your parent’s patio cover post for batting practice? I sure did. In that case, we have new cover plates and even have them in extra heavy duty for your little slugger.

For everything else like for example, say your end caps fall off. Or a tree falls on your cover. Not to worry, we have all types of Alumawood replacement parts in Los Angeles for your patio cover.

Alumawood patio cover parts service

We do aluminum and do it right. Patiocovered is one of Southern California’s Largest Aluminum patio cover provider and as such, we have access to multiple manufacturers’ products. So whether you have a Duramax or Alumawood cover we can not only get these parts but facilitate the repairs, we can install them professionally.
Alumawood patio covers have been around for quite some time now. Therefore, the colors and styles are failry easy to match.

Los Angeles patio cover contractors

All Los Angeles patio cover contractors are not created equal

It’s no secret that contractors have a history of being tardy, messy, rude, unethical, slow to measure up to their promises and I’m sure I left out a few…
Likewise, I bet even you have a story or at least know of someone here in Los Angeles who’s dealt with a contractor that was difficult to work with. Well, truth be told, we’re not huge fans of contractors ourselves and even as General contractors, we have to deal with some of the same issues that you do.

Well, good news people. We’re nothing like other contractors. Sure…, that easy to say, right? I bet there are a lot of contractors who make this claim, but truly, we are. I think the reason we feel as if we’re a rung higher than most, has mostly to do with empathy.
How so? Well, for starters, we just like you are consumers. Much to many people’s dismay, we actually hire contractors to work on our own home. And, when doing so we have to deal with the same issues as many people do. We too, call at least three companies.

What we focus on, however, is the people themselves. Do they answer the phone every time? Are your questions answered completely and thoroughly? Who are the owners and who are the workers and are the guys clean and friendly? Do they actually care about us, and our home and not just our money?

When I referenced empathy as being our number one attribute, it derives from having the same headaches you might looking for a good company. What we did, was take these experiences and apply them to our own business. Treat the client exactly as we’d like to be treated if we were you. It seems to be working out pretty well so far…

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