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Alumawood Repairs

There are many components which make up an Alumawood patio cover structure. We have access to all parts made by Alumawood in any color which makes up these covers and are capable of making repairs all Alumawood products.

Alumawood Repairs

Wood patio covers range in all different sizes and types. From small lattice bar covers to massive wood structural beams. Patiocovered is capable of making repairs to any wood structure no matter what size.


1Can you repair Alumawood patio covers and are replacement parts available?
Alumawood products and materials are readily available and yes, Alumawood patio covers can be repaired. We repair all types of alumawood patio covers.
2Can you replace wooden lattice shade bars with alumawood aluminum shade bars?
Absolutely. Alumawood aluminum shade bars will fit onto a wooden structure.
3Can you replace a single wood beam or wood post?
Absolutely, we do this all the time.
4Do repairs to wood covers require building permits?
Typically no. But there are cases where structural components require permits if engineering is necessary.
5Do you perform repairs for escrow?
Yes we can.

Patiocovered performs repairs to wood or aluminum patio covers and decks.

Wood Patio Cover and Deck Repairs Simi Valley

You thought it would last forever didn’t you? That 30 year old wood structure situated just outside your door just itching to fall on someone. Well wait no longer my friend. At patiocovered we perform patio cover repairs Simi valley. We repair all types of wooden patio cover structures and including wood decks. Whether the issue is simple dry-rot, paint deterioration or wholesale replace, we have you covered.

Maybe your issue is that the covers finish is deteriorated. We can fix that too. Our painters are professionals and not a bunch of guys we picked up on the corner. The painters who work on our project are the best this business has to offer.

Escrow Patio Cover Repairs Simi Valley

If you’re in escrow and need to have termite repairs which need to be done ASAP in order to close your deal, call us. We’re all about helping close that deal. Beam replacements, posts, plant-ons, new straps or lattice bars there is no job too small.

Aluminum Patio Cover Repairs Simi Valley

We do aluminum, and do it right. Patiocovered is one of Southern California’s Largest Aluminum patio cover provider and as such, we have access to multiple manufactures products. So whether you have a Duramax or Alumawood cover we can not only get these parts, but facilitate the repairs. 

Alumawood patio covers for example have been around for quite some time now. Let’s face it… it is aluminum and therefore subject to potential damage from blunt force. Alumawood produces parts which easily match both color as well as style and will replace the old material with no issues.