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Wood Patio Covers Simi Valley

Let’s face it, wood is timeless. Almost like a fine piece of furniture, Wood Patio Covers and Decks in Simi Valley can be the piece that brings an entire backyard together. Living in Simi Valley, you’re sure to find that the heat is explosive during the hot summer months. A wood patio cover is an excellent way to get away from the heat as well as reduce the radiant heat onto your building or home. Furthermore, a wood patio cover can also provide that needed shade you’re sure to enjoy all summer.

Wood is versatile. unlike woods aluminum counterpart, wood is much easier to work with. For instance, with aluminum, the cuts must be very precise to 1/32. On the other hand with wood patio covers, the material is much more forgiving. Cuts in wood are not nearly as noticeable. In fact, wood is even easily repaired. Compared to aluminum, wood can be modified with filler but aluminum, cannot. 


Most people don’t think about usability when thinking about a patio cover. Hence the word,  you’re sure to find that the more area shaded in your back yard the more useable the yard will therefore become. The more useable it is, the more enjoyment you can get out of the entire backyard. The summer months are long enough as it is. Why not enjoy as much of your real estate as you can muster?

In addition to usability in the day, there is also usability at night as well. That’s right. Wood Patio Covers and Decks in Simi Valley can not only offer much-needed shade in the day, but it offers a place to gather at night. Everyone has parties and guests, right?  A wood patio cover is an excellent place to gather during those hot summer months and in some cases a nice place to hang in the winter. 


Is there anything more durable than wood?  I think not. Wood is not only timeless but it extremely durable when maintained. When built to last, the patio cover you choose will last. Patiocovered offers a wide range of options when it comes to designing your patio cover. We will facilitate the entire process from start to end and see to it that no detail is left unattended.

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