Alumawood Non-Insulated Patio Covers

Most of the time when we’re considering a roofed patio cover, the fact that there are actually options usually never comes to mind. In fact, Alumawood had options for roofed patio covers. Actually, Alumawood has two options for roofed patio covers. Insulated patio cover roofs and non-insulated patio cover roofs. 

Notably, there are a few distinctions between these two materials. First being the fact that one provides insulating properties and the other does not. Up to 13R, as a matter of fact. On the other hand, the Newport non-insulated cover is much less in terms of costs. Don’t let the cost savings fool you. The Alumawood Newport is still a very nice and popular patio cover here in Los Angeles.

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Alumawood Lattice Patio Covers

The Alumawood lattice or shade-bar patio cover is not an entry level patio cover by no means. The lattice patio cover is an extremely popular option for this of us here in Los Angeles who love the sun, but just need it “towned down” just a tad. For those of us who want just a little bit more light into our homes.

On the other hand, the lattice shade bar patio cover is an affordable means to getting that shade you desire. In fact, the lattice shade bar patio cover is one of the least expensive patio covers Alumawood has to offer. The lattice shade bars come in 3 different sizes and up to 7 different colors. You can mix n match colors and even the lattice shade bars. In short, the lattice patio cover is a very customizable patio cover option.

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Alumawood Insulated Patio Covers

The insulated patio cover from Alumawood offers an amazing level of thermal resistance. Matter of fact, it offers as much thermal resistance as a typical insulated wall. To be exact, R13.95 is the thermal R rating of these panels. Why would you want an insulated panel? Well, for starters, these panels offer a great way to cool off your home in these hot Los Angeles summer months. Secondly, the fact that they’re insulated means when you’re sitting under them, you and your guests are not going to be “cooking”. Unless of course you are literally cooking, but I digress.

The Alumawood insulated patio cover comes in 2 color options. White and Desert sands. However, the other components such as beams, rafters, gutters and posts can all be of a different color. In essence, you can mix n match colors to your heart’s desire. My personal favorite is the Latte and the white together.

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Alumawood Patio Cover Repairs / Parts / Service

It’s amazing how nowadays things seem to just need service at some point. Patio covers are not exempt from these types of repairs. Wood patio covers will rot and deteriorate. Therefore, wood is in constant need of maintenance. Wood needs to be replaced or at the very least, painted on a regular.

Aluminum patio covers on the other hand require no such paint and will not rot or deteriorate. That said, however, these covers are susceptable to impact damage. This usually comes in the form of a tree falling on the cover or a little kid using a post for batting practice. In either case, and luckily, these pieces can all be exchanged or otherwise replaced. Interestingly enough, in all our years of selling this product, we haven’t really made too many repairs to the aluminum covers. Especially when compared to wood.

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Who are these People called “patiocovered”?

Over 20 years ago we started a construction company, MAZZCO.  After being in the business for a while, we soon figured out that we prefer to specialize in one single trade as opposed to providing multiple different services. 

Our company is comprised of 4 people, a husband and wife team and our two employees. I’d have to say that half the battle in owning a construction company is the help. Getting good, quality employees is difficult, but getting guys who are good at what they do, show up every day and actually care about the clients is a needle in a haystack of needles.

The guys who work for us, are exactly that. They are the best of the best. Not a job goes by where the clients are not raving about our guys.

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Patio Covers and Pergolas in Simi Valley

Patiocovered Simi Valley is who we are

Patiocovered Simi Valley is a full-service construction company specializing in backyard living. Not just a catchphrase, we live this stuff. Whether you have a need for shade, need to remodel an existing patio cover in Simi Valley, we absolutely have you covered. Not only do we offer new patio covers such as Wood, Alumawood, 4K pergolas we also perform patio cover repairs.

Alumawood Aluminum patio covers in Simi Valley

Looking for shade at an extremely affordable price? Tired of having to kill yourself every other year painting that old wooden pile of sticks barely holding together in the back yard?  Unless you are a glutton for punishment or you like painting in 100-degree heat, you may want to look at our Alumawood line. Alumawood is an amazing replacement for existing wooden patio covers. Alumawood does not rot, chip, peel, turn yellow, or ever need painting. Above all… did I mention that it’s affordable? Wow, what more can you ask for?

We Sell Three Different Types of Alumawood Patio Covers

  • We sell the Aluminum Lattice
  • Take a look at the Aluminum Insulated roofed patio covers
  • See the Newport, Aluminum non-insulated roofed patio covers

Wood patio covers right here in Simi Valley…

We have wood patio covers in Simi Valley. We all know wood patio covers are beautiful and timeless works of art. Nothing short of elegant. On the other hand, these beautiful works of wooden art come with a price tag, which by-the-way is significantly more than aluminum.

After all, there are benefits that wood offers that Aluminum patio covers in Simi Valley can never match. Such as size. Therefore, wood patio covers can be built with wood which dimensionally can be as large as you can design. In contrast, aluminum is pre-engineered and therefore only comes in predetermined sizes, such as 2×6, 3×3, 3×8 and so on. As a result, Alumawood is therefore limited.

4K Pergolas in Los Angeles

Patio Covered now offers the 4K aluminum pergola line for 2020. 4K is not just another aluminum pergola manufacturer, they offer a truly high-end product. In addition to getting heavier gauge aluminum material, the powder-coat finish cannot be matched. Furthermore, the 4k system offers Laser-cut Soleil panels to block the sun and beautify your living space.