Alumawood Aluminum Patio Covers vs Wood Patio Covers

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January 26, 2018

Alumawood Aluminum Patio Covers vs Wood Patio Covers

Living the this western united states climate one thing is for certain... it gets hot. Thus the need to run for cover under whatever solid surface for shade, we can find. Hopefully, that shade is provided by a permanent structure also known as a patio cover and not just some random tree.  Patio covers are a solid or lattice style open structure permanently affixed to either a building or simply freestanding. Patio covers are available in a multitude of material types, shapes, sizes and installation methods. Despite the vast differences between these patio covers they all share one single common trait... they all provide the much needed shade for our climate. 
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Alumawood Aluminum Patio Covers

Pros of having an Alumawood Aluminum Patio Covers?

 Alumawood Aluminum patio covers is an amazing invention. Think about this... a patio cover that will not rot, deteriorate or ever require paint and you have the Alumawood Aluminum patio cover. There are multiple "pros" listed here which make the Alumawood Aluminum patio cover such a hot seller in this day and age.

Aluminum Pros

Will they rot?
Aluminum patio covers will not deteriorate, rot or otherwise fall apart from the elements
Do you ever paint Alumawood aluminum patio covers?
Alumawood Aluminum patio covers Never require painting
How are they to install?
These aluminum patio covers are super easy to install, (many in less than a day)
What's the maintenance of an alumawood cover like?
Washing is the only maintenance required for these Aluminum patio covers
How are they priced compared to wood?
Aluminum patio covers cost much less than wood patio covers
Are aluminum patio covers affordable?
Aluminum patio covers are very affordable compared to wood.

Cons of having an Alumawood Aluminum Patio Covers?

For every positive there must be a negative so with pros there has to be cons. Furthermore, when we're talking construction materials, there's always the potential for good, better, best. Here below we've compiled a short list of what be believe to the negatives of owning an Cons of having Alumawood Aluminum Patio Cover.

Aluminum CONS

Alumawood is Easily damaged
Compared to wood, Cons of having aluminum patio covers are easily damaged
Do HOA communities allow Alumawood patio covers?
Some HOA communities still see aluminum in a negative light. So some may not approve this material
Alumawood has Limited color availability
The Alumawood colors although many, are limited compared to what’s available for wood
Alumawood is Limited in size
Aluminum patio covers are limited in their ability to be massive in scale when compared to wood
Limited in electrical improvements
Alumawood patio covers are limited in electrical improvements like lights and fans. Although we do install lights and fans in to most covers, unlike wood, we cannot install them into all covers.
Alumawood is limited in style and shape
Alumawood is limited to the shape or style configurations even though we build covers in a variety of shapes, wood still has more possibilities.
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Wood Patio Covers

Pros of having a Wood Patio cover?

Wood patio cover are considered a traditional type patio cover primarily because before there were aluminum Patio Covers there were only wood. For the most part, many people today enjoy the timeless beauty of real wooden patio covers and will prefer wood over aluminum, so here are a few of the “pros” of owning a wood patio cover.

Cons of having a wood patio cover?

While wood patio covers seem to possess a never ending list of positive attributes. However, there are still a few negatives to using this material. We've managed to list a few of these Cons associated with wood patio covers here below.

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Cost of a patio cover

Comparing Aluminum and wood patio covers is like comparing apples to oranges. For starters, both materials couldn’t be further apart when it comes to specific, individual differences. That said, when the dust settles, however, it all boils down to longevity which is the one quality that really sets them both apart.  Most people who choose one type of pergola over another that have to at some point consider how long the pergola cover will last. Beauty on the other hand is subjective from person to person so really, it’s hard to debate that. What is debatable, however, are all the individual qualities which set them both apart and makes them so different

You may not want to buy a wood pergola if…
  •  you don’t want to watch it turn to dust after 15+ years.
  • feeding the termites is your thing.
  • sanding, scraping and painting isn’t your cup of tea.
  • money is no object.
You may want to choose the aluminum pergola if you…
  • want it to last… and last.. and last.
  • like to save a few bucks.

Comparatively speaking, wood patio covers are some of the most costly of all patio cover materials except of course, those which are made from solid steel or structural aluminum.  On the other hand, Alumawood Aluminum Patio Covers can in many cases end up costing a little more than half the price of wood. By the same token, however, when we’re talking price, we really need to compare apples to apples right? What do I mean by this?  Allow me to explain…

In this comparison let’s take a 10’L x 10’W x 8’H lattice or Pergola style patio cover, attached to the home as our example. It’s important to realize that there are just too many variables to compare roofed patio covers, so we won’t be making that comparison. Some of the roofing variables include such things as roofing types and materials. You see it’s difficult to compare a concrete, copper or slate roof to an alumawood foam insulated roof covering.  Besides, the costs between roofing like copper, is far greater than the aluminum roofing. Likewise, because roofing a wood cover with heavy weight concrete tile requires structural reinforcing on multiple levels, it’s again, difficult to compare to aluminum. 


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What makes up the cost of a pergola patio cover?

Understand that patio cover pricing fluctuates greatly depending on a multiple different factors. Of course for simplicity, we’ll just focus on the average out-the-door price for pergola covers here in Los Angeles. How did we reach an average “out-the-door-price”? In 2017, we collected patio cover pricing from over 50 different contractors who claim to predominately built just patio covers and pergolas, all within different areas around the greater Los Angeles area. 

Factors which cause pergola patio cover prices to fluctuate
  • Installation methods
  • Material costs
  • Dimensional lumber size
  • Overhead
  • Markup up

Costs of a wood lattice pergola patio cover in Los Angeles

Factoring in the installation method, material cost, overhead and markup, let’s see where the 10′ x 10′ x 8′ lattice or Pergola style patio cover came in price-wise…  Rounding to the nearest hundreds, we found that the averaged, wooden lattice patio cover can cost as little as $2,500 to as much as $7,000 installed, complete with paint. Regardless of whether we priced larger lumber, smaller lumber, paint or stain, the difference in price was negligible at best between these Los Angeles patio cover contractors.

Costs of Alumawood Aluminum Patio Covers

Just as we called a bunch of Los Angeles patio cover contractors for our wood pergola comparison, likewise, we called some contractors who build aluminum patio covers. Oddly enough, the price difference between the Alumawood or aluminum pergola patio cover contractors around Los Angeles area was much wider than wood. Our averaged, Aluminum lattice pergola patio covers can cost as low as $1,800 to as much as $7,500.


All things considered, both of these materials are great products and make excellent patio cover systems. What it really comes down to is personal preference driven by needs such as durability, longevity and the ease of maintenance which Alumawood Aluminum Patio Covers provides.  We build all types of patio covers and from just about every material imaginable. One thing is for sure, the sun will never stop shining and we will always sweat. So the need to hide ourselves from the element is almost a necessity for many. 

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