How Much Does it Cost For Alumawood Patio Cover?

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January 12, 2018

How much does it cost for Alumawood patio cover?​

The Alumawood patio cover is an extremely affordable way to get shade. That is, especially when compared to wood patio covers. Gone are the days of painting … repainting and replacing rotted and damaged wood. In other words, you will never need to replace aluminum because its deteriorated by the natural decomposition process or gets eaten by insects.

Granted wood is still a beautiful product but when compared to aluminum however, there are very few visual differences between them. By and large, the deeply embossed wood grain pattern gives the Alumawood material that real genuine wood appearance. Essentially, there are three popular patio Alumawood patio covers. With this in mind, lets look at some of the covers offered below.

  • ​We have the Alumawood “Laguna” – Lattice shade bar patio cover
  • There is the Alumawood “Newport” – Non-insulated roofed patio cover 
  • And finally the Alumawood “Insulated” -Insulated roofed patio cover

The fact that the Alumawood has gained such popularity is largely due to its “lack” of necessary mainentnence as previously mentioned.  Let’s face it… here in the blistering heat of Simi Valley and other surrounding areas such as Los Angeles for example, its nice to get out from the heat for a fraction of the cost of wood.

The cost of an Alumawood patio cover | Lattice Shade Bar

Alumawood simi valley, thousand oaks

For the most part, Alumawood Laguna Lattice shade bar patio coveris a simple elegant and affordable way to achieve shade. When compared to wood patio covers of the same dimension the wood is simply more expensive. Yet, both will provide the exact same shade as the other one. Therefore, for functionality, Alumawood seems to be the first choice.

With the Alumawood product, there are options that can move the cost meter forward or back. We’re here to give you the cost of a basic 10-foot projection, 10-foot width and 8 feet in height (10 x 10 x 8) lattice cover. Although there are many ways to attach these covers to your home, these prices are based on a typical wall attachment by a professional. To be sure you’re getting an Alumawood professional, you can check the Amerimax website for genuine Alumawood installers and dealers such as us.

  • ​Theprice for this Alumawood Lattice patio cover as a kit is $1,123

  • ​The Average Los Angeles cost for this Alumawood lattice patio cover installed is $2,241

  • Patiocovered’s cost for this cover installed is $1,749


The cost of an Alumawood Newport Non-insulated roofed patio cover

alumawood simi valley thousand oaks

Important to realize that theAlumawood Newport patio cover is an non-insulated roofed patio cover. One of the main features of this cover is it’s super six flat pan which is the roofing material for this cover. Additionally, the roofing pan is a 6″ aluminum “w” shaped interlocking panel. Although the panel isn’t designed with thermal resistive qualities in mind, it is, however, an extremely affordable cover if you’re in the market for functionality. Speaking of affordability, this cover is the most reasonably priced cover Alumawood produces. Over at we have a handy calculator to see what a cover like this may cost installed.

  • Average price for this Alumawood Newport patio cover as a kit is $1,079

  • ​Thecost for this Alumawood Newport patio cover installed is $2,145

  • Patiocovered’s price for this cover installed is $1,822

Patio covers in Los Angeles

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The cost of an Alumawood Insulated patio cover

Alumawood simi valley thousand oaks

The Alumawood insulated patio cover is the Flagship of the Alumawood patio cover products. The Alumawood insulated cover boasts a 3″ thick high-density foam center core sandwiched and sandwiched between two aluminum panels. Moreover, the foam offers exceptional resistance to heat which in turn keeps the ambient temperature cooler under the cover. As a matter of fact, the thermal R rating of this cover hoovers around R13 which is no joke. What does R 13 mean to you? It translates into cooler temperatures sitting under your patio cover.

alumawood covered patio cover simi valley

Let face it, the areas where we live, for example, Los Angeles, Santa Clarita, Simi Valley, Thousand Oaks and the like all have one thing in common, heat. Summertime here in Southern California is extremely nice with the exception of a few summer months. Which is the reason you should consider this Alumawood Insulated patio cover we sell right here in Los Angeles.

  • ​Theprice for this Alumawood insulated patio cover as a kit is $1,918

  • Thecost for this Alumawood insulated patio cover installed is $4,214

  • Patiocovered’s cost for this cover installed is $3,091


What are some options for your Alumawood Patio Cover?

alumawood options

Granted, and although affordable, the Alumawood patio cover cost is largely dictated by it’s size or dimensions. That said, however, the Alumawood product does accommodate add-ons to their patio covers. First thing to remember is that some of these add-ons are style specific. For instance, here are a few of the additions you can purchase with your Alumawood patio cover.

  • Lights (Insulated / Newport)
  • Ceiling Fan Beams (a channel designed to accomodate the installation of a ceiling fan) (Insulated / Newport)
  • Heavier Gauge Aluminum
  • Steel Post Inserts
  • Steel I-Beam Inserts For Header beam (to accomodate longer spans)

Benefits Of The Alumawood Patio Cover

Not only are alumawood patio covers beautiful, but they also come with a whole list of benefits. The least of which is the material’s ability to fight off deterioration you may expect to find in wood patio covers, especially here in Los Angeles. Not only is the Alumawood product beautiful, but it’s also affordable. Much more affordable than wood, that’s for sure.

  1. Does not rot, deteriorate, rust, chip, peel
  2. damaged by insects
  3. Almost ZERO maintenance
  4. Looks like real wood
  5. 7 Beautiful color choices
  6. 4 End cut styles available
  7. Affordable

Disadvantages Of The Alumawood Patio Covers

Okay, although the Alumawood product has many positive features associated, there are some drawbacks. Here, we’ve attempted to list a few of the most common disadvantages we’ve come across as local Southern California patio cover contractors.

  1. Some HOA’s will not allow Alumawood in community
  2. Some say it looks like a “kit”
  3. Easily damaged compared to wood
  4. Available in only 7 colors​​​​
  5. Noisy when it rains
  6. Limited design configurations

Alumawood, Wood Patio Cover Parts, Repairs and Service

alumawood parts repairs service
Alumawood Parts

With Aluminum one might expect to have issues with getting parts. For the most part, the calls we receive for these Alumawood parts especially in the Los Angeles area are for missing end caps or plugs. Furthermore, along the lines of issues, we do on occasion replace damaged or otherwise dented materials.

All Alumawood parts for repairs are readily available from  In order to process your requests for Alumawood replacement parts, you may wish to contact us directly or fill out our parts form. we can come out and take a look at your needs or we can simply take the information over the phone.

Alumawood Repairs and Service

We do patio cover repairs. As a matter of fact, we are patio cover specialists and as such, perform more patio cover repairs than most pest control companies. In other words, if you have a patio cover be it wood or Aluminum, we can repair it. Patio cover repairs in Los Angeles and Simi Valley make up a large part of our business so we really know what we’re doing.

What types of patio covers do you guys repair? the patio cover repairs we tend to perform are wood and Aluminum. We don’t work on vinyl or composite, however, we do have access to those parts if necessary. Some of the patio cover repairs most common here in Los Angeles are;

Los Angeles Wood patio cover repairs
  • Wood patio cover post replacement
  • Beam or wood header repair or replacement
  • Supporting rusted or deteriorated hardware for wood patio covers 
  • Rafter replacement
  • Ledger replacement 
  • Shade or lattice bar replacement
Los Angeles Alumawood repairs and service
  • Dented post covers
  • Missing plugs and end caps
  • Damaged lattice bars (because an air conditioner fell on them)
  • Previous installations where the contractor didn’t used the prescribed “steel beam insert” as engineered
Who is Alumawood?

Amerimax is a division of Euramax Intl, Inc​. Amerimax is an international leader in Steel, Aluminum, Vinyl, Copper, and fiberglass products Value added.
In fact, the Amerimax product line includes Special coated coils, roof systems and wall metals, rain gutter systems of vinyl and aluminum, roofing accessoires, doors constructed of vinyl and aluminum. additionally, they produce Vehicle doors and windows for recreational vehicles. Furthermore, Bath and shower enclosure systems are also manufactured.  

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