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Aluminum Patio Covers in Los Angeles

lattice Patio cover in Los Angeles

Aluminum Patio Covers In Los Angeles

Aluminum patio covers are the growing trend among consumers who wish to have shade at an affordable price. Patio covers made of aluminum are manufactured from rolled aluminum and formed in the shape of rafters, beams, and posts.

Alumawood patio cover material is also pressed and embossed with the same real wood grain that you’d expect to find in a real wooden patio cover. The aluminum patio covers in Los Angeles are also more affordable than wood and vinyl.

lattice Patio cover in Los Angeles Our Alumawood patio covers are resistant to Insect damage, Rot, deterioration, cracking, peeling and requires almost ZERO maintenance.

Alumawood Patio Covers

Alumawood is a manufacturer or brand just like Honda or Toyota vehicles. Equally important is the fact that Alumawood Aluminum Patio Covers are made in Southern California and distributed throughout Los Angeles. Companies like are distributors and installers of Alumawood products. The Alumawood Aluminum patio covers are available in 3 different styles;

  • Alumawood’s Laguna patio cover (lattice)
  • The Alumawood Non-insulated roofed cover (Newport)
  • Finally, Alumawood’s or insulated roof patio cover

Alumawood Laguna lattice Patio cover in Los Angeles

The alumawood Laguna is their shade bar or lattice patio cover system. With all Alumawood products, it boasts a wood-like embossed aluminum and almost 100% maintenance-free. Of course, no shade bar would be complete without, well, shade bars. Furthermore, Alumawood’s Lagunas cover has 3 different shade bar options to choose from.

  • 1.5″ x 1.5″
  • 2″ x 2″
  • 2″ x 3″
lattice Patio cover in Los Angeles Alumawood's Non-insulated Newport Aluminum Patio Covers In addition, these shade bars are attached to the rafters. the end of the rafters has special cuts. There are 4 different options for end cuts from Alumawood.

Alumawood’s Non-insulated Newport Patio Covers

Alumawood’s Newport cover or their non-insulated patio cover is made from the same aluminum like all the Alumawood products here in Los Angeles. The covering for the roof, however, is a 6″ wide “W” pan when installed, resembles genuine wood slats.
Alumawood's Non-insulated Newport Aluminum Patio Covers This Aluminum patio cover in Los Angeles comes complete with a front gutter. In like fashion, this Alumawood cover is also resistant to insect damage. It won’t peel, rot or otherwise deteriorate.

Alumawood’s Non-insulated Newport Patio Covers

Our Alumawood’s flagship aluminum patio cover is the Maxx panel patio cover. Alumawood has produced a patio cover with a 3″ thick high-density foam center which offers high resistance to the elements including obviously the sun. Equally important is the fact that these insulated panels carry with them an R rating, which is in and of itself a resistance to the elements.
Ceiling fans, as well as lighting, are both options for the insulated and non-insulated patio cover.

Introducing the 4K Patio Cover Company

lattice Patio cover in Los Angeles Patiocovered has officially started to carry the 4k aluminum line. The 4K company hails from Las Vegas Nevada. Their product is extremely clean and streamline. For the most part, the 4K line commands a very upper-end respect, in the world of aluminum patio covers.

First off, the 4k patio cover is sleek. There is no wood grain and the finish is smooth. Moreover, the smooth finish is sort-of a matt finish. The paint is a baked-on finish. Also known as powder coating. Most other brands spray on their finish. Not 4k, their finish is virtually bulletproof.

Although the 4K material appears expensive, really… it’s not much more than the popular brands here in Los Angeles. However, the material is limited in its appearance. Which is to say, it only comes in a few styles.