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4K Aluminum Patio Covers
New to the Los Angeles area is the 4K Aluminum company. Different from traditional aluminum patio covers and pergolas, the 4K Aluminum line is a heavier gauge aluminum product when compared to the other brands such as Duralum or Alumawood. Is the thicker material better? The short answer is yes. For strength and durability for sure.

4K aluminum pergolas and patio covers are built differently. Once constructed, they have a very smooth appearance. Contrast that to the wood grain look of the other brands like Alumawood. The ends of the beams are smooth and the caps are solid billet aluminum as opposed to plastic.
Not only is the 4k a much thicker gauge material it’s also protected far better than the top aluminum brands out there.

Not just painted… Powder-coated

Paint is paint, right? Wrong. Not all paint is created equally. In fact, the powder coat is hard to even compare to the typical paint applied to most other aluminum patio covers. Powder coat is literally backed on whereas paint, is applied to the surface by a gun of some type. A baked-on material offers far more durability. In reality, the 4K Powdercoat is produced by jotunĀ®. A leading manufacturer of powder coatings. Equally important even with powder coating s is the prep. These 4K materials are prepped from the inside out.

This is achieved by applying a Gold chromate plating process to the material.

Benefits of Chromate Conversion:

  • Helps prevent corrosion
  • Retains the conductive properties of aluminum.
  • Good basis for paint

Patiocovered installs 4K aluminum products

Not only will patiocovered supply the materials for your 4K project, but we install the material also. Although the 4K material can be purchased as a ready-made kit, the installation of the material should be performed in the presence of a professional. As a patio cover only construction company, we understand a thing or two about aluminum patio covers and pergolas.

Whether you need repairs, want a new wood patio cover/pergola or an Alumawood patio cover… we literally have you covered.