Alumawood Aluminum Patio Cover Lights

Alumawood Aluminum Patio Cover Recessed Lights

Aluminum Patio Cover Recessed Lights Of course with any alumawood patio cover, you have the option of installing lights. These lights are usually 4″ disk LED super bright light fixtures. As a matter of fact, these light fixtures are roughly 700 lumens of light. In fact so bright, you may need a dimmer.

Alumawood patio cover recessed lights fitment

The Aluminum Patio Cover Recessed Lights fit into their respective patio cover like a proverbial glove. Not only do they fit well, but they also fit tight and the surface difference is extremely slim, almost non-noticeable.

Moreover, these Alumawood light strips look as if they were made into the panels once installed. To put it differently, these Alumawood recessed light strips appear from firsts glance to be monolithic with the patio cover.

How difficult are the aluminum patio cover recessed lights to install?

Aluminum Patio Cover Recessed Lights

Well, I’m no electrician, but frankly. the installation of these disk lights looks fairly simple. That said, however, the wiring must penetrate the aluminum panels which are sharp. So having the necessary conduit is essential for protection. Furthermore, you will need to take power from an existing source or create your own. Likewise, these wires also must be run in conduit for protection.

The Lights are Also Dimmable

Aluminum Patio Cover Recessed Lights

In case you’ve never been in a situation where the lights are so bright, you’d swear you were in Vegas. Well, not with these Aluminum Patio Cover Recessed Lights. Yes, my friends, these 4″ LED lights are dimmable. The lights according to specifications will dim from 10% to 100% with most all dimmer switches on the market. Trust me, folks, these lights are so bright, dimmers are a must.

Alumawood Recessed Lights for Entertaining

As previously mentioned, these little lights are 700 lumens each. The light which illuminates from these lights is a bright white and not yellowed. It’s amazing how much space they light up when installed and will be a welcomed addition to any Alumawood patio cover if you love to entertain.